Warranty Information

Machinery Warranty:

Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. will, within one (1) year of date of original purchase (proof of purchase required), replace F.O.B. the factory, any goods, excluding punches, dies and shear blades, which are defective in materials or workmanship provided that the buyer return the defective goods, freight pre-paid, to the seller, which shall be the buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy for the defective goods.

Please note that the buyer is responsible to “Remove and Replace” the faulty component, package the defective part and ship it to us. Once the part has been returned, we will then ship you a new part.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. warranty does not apply to machines and/or components which have been altered, changed or modified in any way, or subjected to abusive and abnormal use, inadequate maintenance and lubrication, or subjected to use beyond seller recommended capacities and specifications.

Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. reserves the right to invoice purchases for parts replaced under warranty, pending return of the defective parts for inspection and determination of the cause of failure. Upon discovery of a defect, notice of any warranty claim must be presented to Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. in a timely manner. Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. will proceed without unreasonable delay to remedy any defect found to exist under the terms of the warranty. After inspection and determination, it will be Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. option to replace, any defective parts with new or factory built parts.

Components subject to wear during normal use and over time are excluded from this warranty. Factory-specified maintenance procedures must be adhered to in order to maintain this warranty. This warranty is void if the unit is subjected to mishandling, misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, improper maintenance, or improper operation or application, or if the unit is improperly repaired by the customer or by an unauthorized service technician.

Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. shall not be liable for labor costs expended on such goods or consequential damages. Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. shall not be liable to the purchaser or any other person for loss, down-time, or damage directly or indirectly arising from the use of the goods or from any other cause.

No officer, employee, or agent of Onix Machinery Sales Ltd. is authorized to make any oral representations or warranty of fitness or to waive any of the foregoing terms and none shall be binding on Onix Machinery Sales Ltd..