Exhaust Benders

Introduction to Exhaust Benders

At Onix Machinery Sales we offer two types of Exhaust Benders. The versatile Baileigh EB-300 Exhaust Bender comes with standard radius tooling from 1-1/2″ up to 3″ OD (for 2-1/4 to 3” OD tubing, 12-gauge mild steel wall). The Baileigh TE-300 Exhaust Tube Endformer tube end-forming machine is a stand-alone tool that will assist with end-forming on all types of lightweight tubing and exhaust.

Like any other Hydraulic Pipe Benders, Hydraulic Exhaust Benders utilize hydraulic power to bend pipes with precision and ease. They offer greater bending capacity and are ideal for heavy-duty applications. We don’t carry any manual Exhaust Pipe Benders but it’s worth mentioning that these benders are operated manually and are only suitable for light-duty applications.

  • Baileigh EB-300 Exhaust Bender

    Baileigh EB-300 Exhaust Bender

    $20,995.00 CAD Funds SKU: BA9-1004134
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  • Baileigh TE-300 Exhaust Tube Endformer

    $20,995.00 CAD Funds SKU: BA9-1004134-1
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